Help us create wonderful memories this Christmas

Help St Luke's create wonderful memories this Christmas for local people and their families who are affected by incurable illnesses.

St Luke's and Clifford House are all about living and creating wonderful and lasting memories for you and others to treasure. Many of our most powerful memories are created at this time of year.

Anthony is a patient at St Luke's, as well as a visitor at Clifford House. Here he explains how St Luke's supports him to live to the full, creating great memories, whether it's Christmas or just an ordinary day.

Anthony's Story

"Some people think St Luke's is a place that you go to die; but I think St Luke's is a place you go when you want to live.

I've had a run of bad luck with prostate and tongue cancer, but the one thing that struck me, when I went to St Luke's for the first time, was that everyone cared - like no place I've come across.

Each week I can visit Therapies and Rehabilitations Centre for a massage; having my feet massaged helps enormously - it relaxes me and eliminates the nausea from my cancer. I always come out feeling so much better; a normal human being again.

Now that Clifford House is open, I've been able to visit this new part of St Luke's and benefit from a different sort of support.

Just being able to discuss various aspects of my condition with like-minded people, hear about different ways of coping and managing, and meeting other people in a similar position – all of this helps you feel less isolated and able to make every day a day you can achieve something, however small that something is.

And I think that's the message of St Luke's - to help you to be positive – to continue, to help you to help yourself.

I live alone, but I won't be alone this Christmas – they're always there for me when I need them the most."