Introducing Movement 4 All


Running every Thursday at 2pm, Movement 4 All focuses on your physical and mental wellbeing, providing a gentle movement routine that can give you a whole range of health benefits.

When you’re living with a long term condition, keeping active can seem impossible. However, a routine of light activity can actually alleviate many symptoms, helping you to still feel like ‘you’!


Warming up the neck and shoulders is a great way to relieve aches and pains!

Whether you want improved mobility and strength, are looking for ways to gain more confidence and independence, or simply want a better night’s sleep, we are here to help. We take the time to assess you personally, so you’ll never be expected to go beyond what’s comfortable; just pop in, enjoy the music, and get chatting to the group!

Each session begins with a light warm up in the comfort of your seat. We’ll then guide you through a series of movements to strengthen each area of the body. The session ends with some fun lifestyle activities to assist your daily movements, including passing footballs and a little dancing to ABBA!

Throughout the activity, our experts from St Luke’s and 7 Hills Fitness will offer their advice and support, ensuring you are performing each movement safely, or offering alternatives for any movement that feels uncomfortable.

To get started on your path to greater confidence, energy, book a class by clicking on the button below!

Alternatively you can email us on or call 0114 235 7650.