Improve your wellbeing with Living Well

Living with an incurable illness can be incredibly stressful...

But all too often we don't take the time for self care. That's why we created our Living Well sessions.

Our series of six classes have been carefully crafted to focus entirely on your wellbeing; they’re always free of charge and set within the peaceful surroundings of Clifford House, with its tranquil gardens, welcoming rooms, and a kettle that’s always on.

Running every Tuesday morning at 10am, Living Well covers a wide range of topics to ensure that there’s always something you can learn. Find out more about the activities below:


Tackling Fatigue

Learn more about tackling fatigue and managing energy levels! Join one of our free 90 minute sessions to share your story, socialise, and be on your way to a calmer day.

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Managing Stress & Tension

A class for you to enjoy the peaceful surroundings, unwind, and discover new ways to relax, entirely free of charge.

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You may not consider yourself a 'carer', but if you spend time with loved one with an incurable illness, you are supporting them by sharing in their journey. Our moving and handling sessions ensure you're taught the best ways to maximise their safety and comfort.

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Managing Breathlessness

Experiencing breathlessness can be scary and immobilising, so getting on top of it can feel amazing. Through a variety of techniques, we will teach you how to stay calm and catch a breath when you need it the most!

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Movement 4 All classes focus on your physical and mental well-being, providing a gentle movement routine that can give you a whole range of benefits, as well as a space to chat and enjoy the music.

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If you're living with an incurable illness, you'll know that getting a good night's sleep could be the difference between a good or bad day. Learn simple, practical ways to help you get some well earned rest!

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How do I book?

So, if you want to get to grips with tiredness, get some much needed energy, discover ways to reduce breathlessness, or are eager to achieve a decent night of snoozing, Living Well can show you how. Our classes have been designed to compliment one another, so we recommend booking on any activity that applies to you, be that one or five!

Pop in for a cup of tea, socialise with those on similar journeys, share your story, and find a place where you can truly be yourself.

To book, please call 0114 235 7650, email, or click here to be taken to our online booking site!