Clifford House Summer Exhibition

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Wednesday 4 July, 4pm-6pm

We're looking forward to hosting our first ever Clifford House Summer Exhibition, where we'll showcase the creative talents of our clients.

Led by activity coordinators Sian Thomas and Sophie Webster, the Summer Exhibition is a chance for clients to invite their friends and family to Clifford House and celebrate some of their proudest creations from our creative activities.

As Sophie explains, “Every day, the people who visit us make fantastic things in our creative sessions, and we want to be able to show that off! It allows us to celebrate the hidden talents that so many people discover when they’re here.”

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Some of our clients' creations which will be showcased at the exhibition.

And we certainly do have a multi-talented range of people at Clifford House, with the exhibition featuring artwork from our broad range of activities, including photography, life drawing, sculpture and our informal ‘crafternoons’, where clients can make whatever takes their fancy.

Sian added, “The great thing about our activities is that many people think they can’t do them or that they’re not a ‘creative person’, but when they give it a go they are often surprised at what they can achieve. It has an enormous impact on people’s confidence and wellbeing.”

And the best thing? Fizz and nibbles are on the house! The Summer Exhibition is open to all clients at Clifford House, their friends and their family. Please book your space by clicking on the button below.