Featured activity: Creative Writing

Peter reading his work aloud at Creative Writing.

Peter reading his work aloud at Creative Writing.

Our creative writing group is a gentle and supportive environment, full of chatting and laughter as we explore new ways of putting pen to paper.

People come for all different reasons: to try something new, to work through ideas or simply because they love to write!

Our activity leader Virginia said:

“The work people produce is always unique, surprising and rewarding. We are continually delighted at the inspiration, joy, depth and entertainment that we find in each other’s words and the class really helps build confidence.”

Here’s a couple of poems written by class regulars Dee and Jean…


Evening At Home by Dee Farrier

We sit together
Not speaking
Comfortable with each other
And ourselves
One reading a paper
Another a book
The other on computer
Quiet but together
As bedtime draws near

“The class has been my lifeline over the past year. You come knowing you’ll achieve something, and there’s something to take away and work on at home.” - Dee


The Last Hawthorne by Jean Parker

Three point leaves
Crisp curls, inverted arrow-heads.
Dappled on the underside
Twist in agony to die.
Dull crimson berries wrinkled
Like upturned toffee apples.
Black stiff branch defends
With dagger-sharp thorns.
Long spikes impale
Danger... touch me at your peril.

How to get involved

If you are affected by an illness with no cure you can join us at our Creative Writing group on Tuesdays from 10am-12pm.

Book online through the button below. Alternatively you can call us on 0114 235 7650 or email cliffordhouseenquiries@hospicesheffield.co.uk to book.